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The play ‘KHEL GHAR’ gives an insight to a 10 year old girl child GUDDO (Srishti Kamboj) whose parents are well established in their own field, mother Mrs. Seth (Meeta Nagpal)  a budding and successful dancer and father a renowned scientist have no time for their only child. Since birth GUDDO is looked after by household helps. This upbringing turns GUDDO into a destructive brat who seems to have lost track of most of the NORMAL THINGS of life and behaves like a 4 year old mentally unstable child. Mrs. SETH has taken her to different neurologists and psychiatrist and none of them found out major fault with GUDDO instead they advised them to be more caring to her BUT due to time constraint her parents failed to do so.

KHEL GHAR a Play presented by “The Artiste Foundation” and “Tamasha” creating awareness on child psychology under the expert direction of Vinod Sharma

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Khel Ghar (Theatrical Play)

The play ‘KHEL GHAR’ gives an insight to a 10 year old girl child GUDDO…