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Applause – Years of hard work feels complete when the artistes hear a round of APPLAUSE. Applause the very lifeline of a performer. We at TAF took  an initiative to create a platform for young artiste to share their work through Applause. This concert featured work of selected upcoming artistes of different genres. Music and dance is not only an integral part of the lives of artistes but also an integral part of our society which has managed to touch the lives of people through many ways igniting a feeling of love, peace, compassion and divinity. Thus, inspiring the world for a better tomorrow. 

Other causes

Hatya Ek Akar Ke

An intense play for the intellectual audience. The play is about Mahatma Gandhi ….


Manthan – The Artiste Foundation (TAF) celebrated different dance forms on dance day. 

Khel Ghar (Theatrical Play)

The play ‘KHEL GHAR’ gives an insight to a 10 year old girl child GUDDO…